Juliet has a mastery of employment/contract law that has protected our company from unfair competitive practices.  Her understanding of the healthcare landscape has been a competitive advantage in the courtroom and led to rulings in our favor time and time again.  She has been an asset to our company for many years.      Richard

Simply the BEST!  A real winner!

Juliet Davison is simply the best.  I have worked with lots of lawyers in many different situations over the years.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Juliet and her team to anyone.  She is the consummate professional, while at the same time being easy to speak to and get along with.  Juliet is very knowledge in her areas of expertise.  She led the way for us in two cases, both of which were complex situations that had very positive outcomes for us.  She does all her homework, is respected by her peers and has a strong network to reach out to when she needs help outside her area of expertise.  Juliet is great at what she does and she is a really good person.             Dan

Simply Fantastic

This is my second time having the benefit of Juliet’s support.  This occasion was a potentially complicated departure from a company.  Juliet quickly understood the facts, explained the areas where my intuition was correct, and more importantly grounded me in reality for those that were not.  She managed a collaborative approach to negotiate the final agreements.  Juliet helped guide the process to obtain appropriate economics while helping to preserve relationships.  She was fantastic both legally and emotionally.  I needed and appreciated both.  I highly recommend Juliet.          Anonymous

Class Act

Juliet is a master of her craft.  She thought of everything in advance of taking on my case and made sure to cover all her bases.  Every prediction and answer she gave me was accurate throughout.  She kept me in the loop and was available when I needed her.  Juliet conducts herself with a code of ethics that I considered myself extremely fortunate to find in an attorney.         Anonymous

Genuinely Fantastic

Worked with Juliet on a rush basis regarding a separation/severance negotiation.  Not only is she technically awesome, she provided sage advice throughout.  I highly recommend Juliet.        Andrew

Complex legal matter, handled beautifully

I was hired by a large company as a senior director.  3 weeks into the position, the company would not honor the original contract.  Juliet was patient, and quite honestly if not for her, I don’t think things would have gone well.  She was able to negotiate a separation agreement.  The company dragged their feet every step of the way and made life difficult.  I felt she was behind me 100% and is super sharp.  Needless to say, she will be assessing all future contracts for me.       Anonymous

Always an advocate

Juliet was really great to work with on a recent separation agreement.  Although we both knew from the beginning that it was going to be a tough case to win, Juliet believed that the case was deserving of her attention and fought hard for me from beginning to end.  Ultimately, we negotiated a much more favorable settlement than the original proposal.  While I hope to never need her again in this particular capacity, I would highly recommend her to anyone who does.       Anonymous

Juliet Davison, a superb attorney

Several years ago Ms. Davison was recommended by an attorney friend. She and I had never met. Over a period of a year later with many meetings and phone conversations a rather complex legal matter was settled to our satisfaction.  Knowledgeable, honest, very smart are just a part of this wonderful attorney.  Her work was always completed faster than anticipated.  She will not disappoint.       James

Juliet Davison is an outstanding attorney

Juliet Davison is intelligent, well prepared efficient, compassionate and tough when she needs to be.  Juliet successfully represented me in a case where a rogue CEO had not paid me or my sales colleagues the agreed upon commission.  The CEO attempted to intimidate and bully his employees into thinking he could change compensation plans whenever he felt like it and fire people without cause with no consequence.  Juliet’s knowledge, communication skills, strategic insights, experience, commitment and her integrity made her an outstanding advocate.  We had a very successful outcome thanks to her.  I highly recommend Juliet Davison.       Tim

Outstanding lawyer

Super smart, analytical, strategic, excellent in court, great writer, tough while exuding class and professionalism.  I have had several cases in which Juliet has been co-counsel, all complex business cases or high-end trust dispute.  She has excelled in every case and delivered great result for her clients.  After seeing her in action, I hired her to represent my old firm in two important matters as well as a personal matter.  In each case, I found her bills to be quite reasonable, and her work product and counsel of tremendous value.  Total pro.       Kevin (peer review)

Recommending Juliet Davison

I would recommend Juliet Davison to anyone who needs an employment lawyer.  I found myself in a difficult situation and in foreign territory with my longtime employer, but with Juliet expertise, assured guidance, and strategic advice we were able to arrive at a settlement.  I felt well-represented throughout the process, and she was a great source of comfort and compassion during an uncomfortable time.         Anonymous